How to Find a Product

Find a Manufacturer
If you are looking to browse through all products of a specific manufacturer then simply type the name of the manufacturer in the search box and all products will be displayed.

Find Keywords
You may be looking for a specific binocular or accessory option. If you are looking for a binocular with a zoom lens you can easily find any product that has the word "zoom" in it's product description. 

You can also search for specific product options. For example, enter "3 megapixel" into the search box if you are looking specifically that quality of digital camera. You may also want to search keywords such as "USB" to find digital products with USB connectivity.

Find a Specific Product
To find a specific product you may wish to enter variations of the product name into the search box. Some products may be recorded differently in the Camera Canada database so it is important to try different variations of the product name you are looking for if you cannot initially find search results.

Example: You wish to find a Canon Powershot A40 Digital Camera.

1. If you enter Canon A40 in the search box you may not find the product. Try different variations of the name such as: "A40", "A 40", A-40. You can also enter the word "Powershot" into the search box.

2. If you are still unable to find the product you are looking for try starting with the manufacturer name only. This will list all product from this manufacturer.

If you cannot find a specific product please contact

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